Shadow Thunderstorms

August 15, 2011
By Anonymous

Scatter shot comets streak the hazy, airy November dawn

Calming me before the magenta sunset of serenity

Ominous dreams scathing in rich black poison

Caress my lips and the taste of vile night

Smells sweeter like every fragrant cold water kiss

Vibrations of an eerie kind catch my ears and shock me

An icy cold melody ringing through my mind, the gods relent

Amused by the clashing of heavens, the raging waters and hollow crash

It relieves me of my pain and every memory I struggle to repress

Identify with these angry winds, they silence the infernos within

They shatter every hope of millions yet they cradle me in bloody arms of discontent

When they subside I meditate on what it takes to survive another day

I hope they return to me so I may find inner peace where my shadows reflect thunderstorms

The author's comments:
Lightning calms me

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