U.S. military defense

August 14, 2011
By maishah BRONZE, Jamaica, New York
maishah BRONZE, Jamaica, New York
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they turned me against myself
to fuel their wars
Uncle Sam in his top hat
and patriotic white stars

Vietnam, Philippines, Guam
bound to duty by my skin
Black, they say
is the color of sin
and now in Libya
i kill my own brethren

what's that, they say?
justice is here
they'll give me citizenship
(along with the fear)
of being killed in battle
their objective is clear:
to strip us of humanity
and what we hold dear

to kill Iraqis, Afghans, Pakis
fellow Muslims who look like me
i guess i'll have to blind myself
so i don't have to see
what i'm doing to be free
of immigration and poverty

they teach us on the battlefield
there's no such thing as kinsmen
those who look similar aren't our own
but i guess that doesn't that apply when
we don't want to be locked up in
War-Relocation camps and Internment

if they peer into the eyes of children and youth
and instead of seeing them shine with a bright future ahead
all they see is bombs in Pearl Harbor
so to grieve for those who are dead
they banish us from their country
to lie in our own deathbeds

if that's truly the case
then i'd have to guess
they must have blinded themselves
so they wouldn't have to witness
the rape, murder, torture
this whole big mess
we call the military defense
of the U.S.

maybe even you went ahead
and squeezed shut your own eyes
and chose to believe
all these lies
but you have to hear
all these painful cries
and try to remember
your True blood ties
all blood is bright red
like an early sun rise
that lights up the earth
and colors the skies
no excuse if you're deaf or blind
'cause in the end it's your heart that decides.

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