Age 16

August 4, 2011
By LlamaWorshipper SILVER, Bonita, California
LlamaWorshipper SILVER, Bonita, California
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I live for many more things now than I ever did in my life
As life draws itself out
I find out more things
Like big things that go on in the world
To little things that I like
I didn’t know that I liked nerds until dated one
Who is the same one I’m still happily with
I never knew I wouldn’t mind dissecting an animal
And I never knew I would be going to a high school that’s not in my area
I never knew about the horrors of animal cruelty
And I never knew about the poverty in Africa and in the rest of the world
I never would have thought I would still not be allowed drive
I never would have thought that high school is as hard as it really is
I never would’ve thought that getting into college is complicated
I have more responsibilities as well as my awareness’s
And I have a lot more things and people hold onto in times of need
And those things and people make me who I am today

The author's comments:
This is in collaboration with my Age 7 poem. This is when you start to see how crazy life can be. Instead of spending your days going to far imaginary places, you spend your working.

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