What If

August 4, 2011
By MauriceHolmes BRONZE, District Of Columbia, District Of Columbia
MauriceHolmes BRONZE, District Of Columbia, District Of Columbia
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"I'm Wiser Than My Age So I Plagiarize My Future Self" George Watsky

What if a smile could make everything better
What if love wasn't as confusing as the weather
What if love was as simple as a letter
What if we both were as cozy as a sweater
What if every moment is special that we are together
What if every time you left it was a sun setter
What if our love lasted a day after forever
What if that girl that tore us apart
What if I had never even met her
What if she was all i dream that I had off some liquor
What if we could relive all those moments we used bicker
What if we could take a picture that could end up on a sticker
What if love was as simple as us coming together to make a mixture
What if our relationship only mattered about what was inside the picture
What if every girl with a broken heart had a sign asking can someone fix her
What if people were as pure as water after it comes out of the pitcher
What if every broken heart never needed any kind of the doctor's elixer
What if everyone in the world treated each other like brother and sister
What if the poor weren't secluded and everyone were equal to the richer
What if the world was made on a date, if so it would be made on the triple sixer (6/6/6)

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