The Fast Lane

August 4, 2011
By MauriceHolmes BRONZE, District Of Columbia, District Of Columbia
MauriceHolmes BRONZE, District Of Columbia, District Of Columbia
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"I'm Wiser Than My Age So I Plagiarize My Future Self" George Watsky

Unless you've raced in my lane you will never feel my pain,
You will never overcome what I overcame to hold this name
The things that I regret and will always be held in vain
And the life that I've lived and the struggles that were claimed
Until we switch lives you will never no the pain in my name
The things the eyes have seen may drive someone like you insane
The stuff rushing through my head i feel I just can't contain
But the harsh reality of this world are things I can't explain
I'm beginning not to know what is keeping me humane
Deception of our minds is what's keeping us restrained
But I wonder if this is just dream I had after some cocaine
A level head is what I'm after and what I'm trying to maintain
But getting control of this is hard in a world with such a rough terrain
My anger gets in the way and its something that's so hard to restrain
Especially in such a harsh world where its hard for love to remain
But I can see that gaining control of myself is something I can sustain
But I think this was just a vision I had while living in the fast lane.

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