I use to be...

August 4, 2011
By Robyn BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
Robyn BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
I dont need your approval

I use to be happy
not just smile
I use to know what I want
not just let others decide for me
I use to be completely honest
not sugar-code things
did that make me heartless?
I felt like it made me bold
did that make me judgemental?
I felt like that made me alert
does stopping really make me mature or careful or any other bizarre thing people could think to name
I felt like it make me more of a people pleaser, or another ideal person the world can control.
All I know is i use to be happy
I use to feel free
but more importantly I didn't feel like a part of society
I felt like...me

The author's comments:
I lost who I was I hope God can help me find joy happiness and peace because I know he is able.

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