New Book And An Old Book

August 4, 2011
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A new book
An open book

Fresh pages waiting
Cringing at the sight of the last one

Torn Pages and harmful words
Using a pen as a knife

The new book couldn’t help but judge me
I lied in the last
She cried in the last

A new book
An open book

We both hesitated to start
We both wanted to start
We didn’t know how

A new book
An awkward book staring at the shreds of the one sacrificed before

An old book
An old year

An old book not breathing
Eyes glazed over screaming at the new to run as fast as you can

While you still can

A new book and an old book should never meet
A new book and an old book should never share stories

The old book couldn’t hang on long enough to use vocals

The new book could still read the old

The pages becoming creased waiting for the trigger to be pulled
Waiting to join the old
Waiting to have no truth
Never experience a bit of truth

The first page holding arms back with its chin up

The first page dropped almost in plead of mercy
The page was granted mercy

Its wrist were cleared
Breathing deep with a dedication to Find

At least one Find a day

The new book looked at the old book with pity
The old book received no Finding

The old book collected only apologies and beatings

The new book read the old with no fear
The new book came to realize it was a new year

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