View From Above

August 4, 2011
By , West Linn, OR
We laughed at first until we understood it was serious
We framed and reflected when we wanted to block the image of her

She laid on the floor until finally a puddle was around her
Dry of tears
She laughed trying to find comfort written somewhere on the back or her head

She always locked the door
She always tried to lift the counter
She always cringed at the sight of herself

She laid on the floor hoping for nothing but a ceiling

That is where we stepped in
She stared at us with disbelief

If she could reach us
She would have cracked us

Punched us

It might have been good for her
She couldn't punch the mirror

But many kids break windows
With innocent mistakes such as a baseball losing grip from their precious little hands
In force

She used to like us

Until we started laughing
She knew we realized now

She hated us more
Getting pity and attention

She hated seeing a green monster
She hated a reflection

That's why she fell on the floor
To get away from the monster

We do feel pity for her
We have seen her scream at herself

Now we are seeing her spread-eagle on the floor trying to show nothing

She was embarrassed
She blamed the mirror but the mirror had nothing to do with it

It was not embarrassing for us to see her potty dance

But now she wanted to hide
She was hiding
The door was locked
She was making no noise

We saw her
We laughed until we understood it was serious

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