emotional wreck

August 4, 2011
By Anonymous

So sometimes I wonder
If this is real.
Just can't do it all over again
Then what's the deal.
Why did I cry over your death
Maybe because you took everything
I had left.
Now I'm left with nothing ,
But regret.
I guess that's what I get
For falling in love with an emotional
Now look at me as messed up
As you were
Now my futures the blur.
I seen the path you took
The easy way out
I guess I get why you
Did it with no doubt.
I fell in love with an emotional
Now I see that its easy I get it
I'm now an emotional wreck
And someone has fallen for me.
Trust me baby you'll regret it.

The author's comments:
My bf I thought I loved has some problems turned to suicide. Now I got problems and someone still loves me :/

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