August 4, 2011
By Metaphorofreality BRONZE, Uniondale, New York
Metaphorofreality BRONZE, Uniondale, New York
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Someday I will have the courage to speak
I will penetrate the menacing thickness of silence with the sword of my mouth
I will bring change
With two sling shots and 5 pebbles
Stagnant waters have hovered over innovative minds
And angry souls for long enough
Someday I will release the bondage from my burdened lips
The soundwaves from my voice will gather its strength
Penetrate through walls of ignorance and discrimination
Words bring...
LIFE will flood through the cracked floors of ghetto streets
Wash away the smell of pee from Mt. Vernon elevators
Come wounded soliders of the projects
Bask in the streaming joy of my syllables
There is healing here
For your wounded psyches and angry spirits

Someday I will engrave the words of Elie Wiesel
On the outermost corners of my red cape
Neutrality helps the opressor
Never the opressed

I will rescue abused women from the bondage of
charismatic eyes and smooth lips
Hold fast woman
This is the last time his rough hands will envelop your delicate lips
Hold fast to courage
Hold fast to the railings of your stairs
Do not let go
I will soon arrive
I will not cower like a thief in the night
I will bring bullhorns
Firetrucks and police sirens
The day of silence will soon be over
I will avenge years of bottled anger
And unspoken words
I will no longer pacify
Manipulative lips
Nor wipe hypocritical tears
I know the pain of bondage
I will take no prisoners

Do not count on the hesitation of my lips
Soon my words will come pouring like rain
I will speak, I will speak, I will speak
Someday I will have the courage to speak

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