the broken one

August 3, 2011
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So many thoughts and so many tears

trying to figure out where i went wrong through this year

so much pain and so much sorrow

but still i smile waiting for tomorrow

so much blame so much time

no consequences for this crime

a heart stolen , body abused

so much responsibility still refused

so many night i cried alone

nobody there to call my own

finally growing strong is where i start

but yet i keep falling apart

love takes to much of my energy

i never knew what something like this would do to me

now i'm weak and all alone

this is where i start my awful song

tears stream down my face but im only hurting inside

i promised myself last time would be the last time i cried

but it hurts when you give someone your all

and all they want to do is watch as you fall.

nobody catches you as hit the ground

you already been up so you must come down

so many pieces to a heart so big

now heres the place for the hole i have to dig

there is an empty place where love used to be

i thought i found a place for me to be me

but i didnt it was just a fake

just another place for my heart to break .

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