The Show Called Life

August 6, 2011
By Anonymous

Sometimes we make a wish,
To look different,
To be happier,
Maybe to be in a movie.

As you watch on a TV,
You control it all.
Stop it, Pause it, Replay it,
It’s all possible,
But it’s just TV.

There can be commentary,
Always nice and lighthearted,
That is the realest thing,
Minus the conciliatory tone.

In life it’s often cruel,
And you’ll see the scene again,
Every blow you’ll get,
It’ll pause the moment in time.

Life is a show,
Rewind, Pause, Replay.
But there’s something sad here,
The stop button.

Stopping a show is easy; mindless.
Not the same as in life,
It can’t be undone,
There’s no play button to start again.

When you don’t like the show,
Stop it, it’s okay.
If it’s the life you don’t like,
It’s not the same solution.

No matter how bad,
The show can’t be cancelled.
The show is yours,
Don’t press that button.

Don’t stop life,
It isn’t a show,
Let it play,
Don’t give up on it.

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