The Cry

August 13, 2011
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Where have you gone?
Why have you left me?
I am alone, my dear angel… Where are you now?
I need to know if you can see me,
If can you listen to these words I say to you;
And if you do, please let me know.
I died the day you did, my dear angel.

Where have you gone?
What have you done, my dear angel?
My soul is dying…
You walked away, and I lost you, and I have lost myself.
Each time I think of you, I want to run to be right where you are;
This feeling stabs me from inside; the pain’s so real that it kills me, and I die…
I die again, I cry;
I want to scream, I don’t know where to hide;
The tears hurt so much, my dear angel…

Where have you gone?
Where have you gone, my dear angel?
Where should I look to see you?
What does it mean to die?
They say you breathe no more, and yet I know that you’re alive,
But I keep breathing every single day though I have died…
I need you back, my dear angel.

Where have you gone?
Why can’t you see what I’ve become, my dear angel?
Where have you gone?
Will you return, my dear angel? Will you sing for me, for us, again?
I will be waiting here forever.
One day, a ray of light will shine, my dear angel,
And it will show the way,
And I will find you,
And in the end, I’ll come to you, my dear angel…
I know you’ll let me in.
Rest now, sleep tight,
Good night, my dear angel.

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