My New Life

August 12, 2011
By VampryaShadow SILVER, St. Louis, Missouri
VampryaShadow SILVER, St. Louis, Missouri
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Life Goes On

The white sands beneath my feet. I am wrapped in his arms. He smiles down at me as we watch the sunset. I love you he whispers ever so softly. I love you too I whisper back. I will love you forever, no matter what He says as he kisses my lips. Forever is a long time I say with a smile. Forever with you is a long time of happiness He says. You are the love of my life and the holder of heart I say as I lay my head on his chest. You are my life, I love you more than my own life. Nothing will ever keep me from you. I will always hold you in my arms he says. He gently kisses my forehead as the sun meeting with the oceans horizon. We stare at the sky as the colors change. You are my sun, you bring me the warmth and light I need everyday He whispers with a smile. I lay my head upon his shoulder as his fingers entangle with mine. My heart beat races as I think about him. Your heart racing he says. I guess you just make me nervous I reply with a smile. He sofly kisses my lips. The sun has completely vanished beyond the dark sky and stars. The moon has come upon the sky. I never want to lose you He says. I can't ever lose you I say in a soft voice. I won't ever lose you he replies. He gazes into my eyes. His look tells me that he is true. My mind spins as I feel his love coursing through my veins. Your mine forever right? he asks. For as long as shall live my heart will belong to you. You shall be the one I express my love to. You shall be the one I wake up next to. You shall be the one who's kiss I want. I will forever be yours as long as you will forever be mine. He looks at me and smiles. I promise to forever be yours, there is no one else who I would want to hold my heart I smile as his words warm heart. Is that a tear? He ask in concern. Your words do this to me. They cause me so much joy I cry. They make me realize that I finally have love He smiles as a tear falls from his own eyes as well as mine. Is that a tear? I ask with a smile. Only you shall I shed tears for he says. I feel the truth within him. He looks at me with an intense look.Promise me you will marry me someday. Promise me we will spend our spend our lives together. I promise I will marry you. I promise we will spend our lives together He smiles as he notices what I say is no lie. You are my new life. And my new life seems so much better than the old I say. My life got better when you entered it He says. We both stand up and walk away from that beach knowing that our new lives of love have begun.

The author's comments:
After I broke up with my boyfriend I thought I would just be single for awhile. But then I noticed that the one I wanted to be with was my male best friend that I knew for so long. So after about a month of us dating we went on a trip to Florida... and while we were alone on the beach this happened and I am still with him today

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