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August 12, 2011
By itskaylaperrin BRONZE, Artemas, Pennsylvania
itskaylaperrin BRONZE, Artemas, Pennsylvania
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I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe.

As I sit here in this room I can hear my heartbeat pound to the beat of apathy
I'm too busy to care what you think
For I am thinking about impossible things
Break me off a piece od that sweet something
As I sink my teeth into my lips to hold myself back from screaming aimlessly
At the broken shutters of my cowardly yet conniving memories as they taunt me from my feet
I grasp the turmoils of reality
While catching a ride on a train on a non-stop adventure along side whimsical beings
Why must we feed
My psychological translation is all I need
And why must you decide so one-sided
I rest my case when you stand there oblivious and close-minded
Exultation, drips from my ears
Runs down my neck
Seeps into my pores then out again
In moderation
What good is a flame that cant even light up enough for you to see your rigid self as you stand in the night all alone with no one else to blame
And what good is a promise, if the deliverer isn't properly delivering you a trust, strapped tight, they use no harness
Now jump 100000 feet down
Don't look, because once you hit
You'll spill into this white canvas ruining it with your splashes of greys and browns
I will hold you now
Just long enough for you to settle in as you look around

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