Mother Nature

August 12, 2011
Stare straight into the eyes of the tiger
Calming the vicious beats growl
Pray that it doesn't throw you face first into...
Branches from the trees
That have an endless diversity of leaves
As mongrels swing by vine to thieve, fruits of a delightful shine
No longer rests as mine
Breaking the stare with the enemy by jumping great trenches of inconvenience
Like if the grandest of canyons would defy the pull of gravity, and let you pass, simply genius
And once at the peak, at the most elevated impossibilities
Not like the things you can do but the things that drift passed your grasp like the breeze
As if white water rafting would sensationally change to shades of purple and blue
And when you flip, into subdue
You realize how dull like can be in such dark shades of purple and blue
Now risk your life, as you ride bare back
Atop not the noblest steed
But one which is hood-winked
Mission not set to take you on a blissful trail through a meadow of daisies
But destined to make your eye lids shuffle as you lay in bed haunted by insanity
And then it breaks
what you were promised is certain
The world begins to illuminate
And you begin to demonstrate, the turmoil you were under, while under the hallucination of hate
Knocking three times with no answer
Breaking down your door, invading your privacy
Patience is no longer an option, not a possibility
Listen, as the shuffling of the elements
Such as the trees, leaves, flutter noise of butterflies, buzzing of bees, they speak
And i decipher them as deep
And for the wind it huffs
Doesn't want to take so it doesn't puff
And for the sea it breathes, simultaneously brushing the sand to calm it, bring it to ease
And for the sky it rumbles, only when we choose to fumble
Mountains that seem ever-lasting
Something like mother nature created
Something of her own casting
As if she molds things like sin and hate into things that are flabbergasting
And when her hands are no longer holding together, no longer forming
Disaster can burst
Humanity into flames
Burned, scorched, leaving her in shame
Now I see what she sees
I understand the insanity
I empathized, even though shes grander then me
I realized, turn tables can turn without us knowing consciously
And hurt feelings can yearn for the reasoning's
Taking advantage of the beauties in life can end devastatingly
So kick back, look up at the stars and remember that the original is just as mesmerizing

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