To The Student

August 12, 2011
There are some students,
Who enjoy, love to learn.
Who sit up at night
Reading ahead in their history books,
Who are overflowing with knowledge
And eager to receive even more.

And then there are the students, who paint and seek inspiration,
Who observe life in all its vibrance
As a good time waiting to happen,
Who think of that solemn departure
As the beginning of a great unknown.

There are those who work hard
To keep their game up
As well as their grades,
Whose life is wrapped in pigskin
Who dribble X and Y to the right side of the equal sign
As well as the ball to score.

Those who sit with their friends at the lunch table
And talk of movies, video games, and the latest pop-culture,
Those who are the unappreciated scholars of our time,
And those who save up
So they can see the latest comedy with their friends.

Those who calculate,
And solve,
who weave equations through their mind
Like Grecian looms weave lost ships and awesome odysseys,
Who can evaluate and solve any conundrum available to the mind
Using pure logic and any plausible philosophy.

There are those born of all cloths wondering in the halls of this school,
In any school,

There are Socialites
Who live for parties and gossip.
Those who wear silk ties and black felt caps.
And those who wear sweat pants and humble t-shirts
Academics and philosophers alike.

Some live in big houses with pools and white picket fences,
With loving mother and devoted father
Cheering them on at soccer games and hanging every B plus biology test on the fridge
And some live in a shotgun shack down by the train tracks
Lack the devoted father,
And spend many nights up late trying to finish their home work
After clocking in some extra over time.

But the greatest thing about the school
Is that while we congregate here
We who shoot hoops and hit home runs
And we who wear ties and critique Socrates
Can shake hands with one and other,
Complain about homework and teachers
And genuinely laugh about the faint humors of the classroom
Amongst this humble and respected guild
We are not jocks
Or geeks
We are neither the “Soces”
Nor the greasers

From history books about plague, famine, and war
To science rooms with atoms and molecules buzzing around.
From bookshelves filled Dickens, Dickenson, and Dostoevsky
To algebra chalkboards cluttered with graphs, equations, inequalities
We are equals.
We are students.

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