My Worst Nightmare

August 12, 2011
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You call my name,
And I walk into your room.
You proceed to poke, and prod, and examine me.
I begin to fidget under the uncomfortable feel of your stare.

You begin to ask questions
I answer them as my mind begins to race.
I know it is only a matter of time,
Until you pull my worst nightmare out.

Suddenly you stand up,
And you walk out of the room.
My heart begins to race,
My breathing becoming more shallow and rapid.

You reenter holding something.
The dread in my stomach has now grown to terror.
I see the glint of the metal,
The light reflecting off of the sharp tip.

I look at my mother,
Silently begging with my eyes.
She comes over and holds my head,
Preventing me from seeing the thing you now hold in your hand.

“Traitor” I think as I flinch at the cold touch,
Of the alcohol wipe.
I begin to plead,
Begging you to stop, to let me go.

Suddenly I feel it,
Digging into my skin.
It is a pain unlike any other,
And I begin to cry out.

Just as I feel as if I will go mad with pain,
It is over.
You pull the dreaded monster from my skin,
And set me free.
Leaving me with only the pain in my arm as a reminder,
A reminder of this dreaded meeting that has taken place once again.

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