August 12, 2011
Sometime I try to picture the world I live in without a ground, but I see that makes no sense,
"They" say there's another life and only we make the decision of our destination... But "they are short of Evidence.
I say keep your feet on the ground because standing is not an option,
ideas spill out of your mouth on to paper.. That's art... What an eruption!
Misguided ghosts... We run until we find a place that's stable,
our minds expand endlessly and to stop, we are not able.
Pain is a simple compromise of our hard futures we face,
but to find a peace of mind might be impossible to navigate in this place.
In circles we run trying to conqueror what's rightful,
Thrown into a battle to the death, in a pit called life; it seems too spiteful.
Let the flames begin, but b careful with the flame,
It can capture any soul and it's shooter never cares to aim.
No1 can make a decision to rule but to Play god.. Who do you think you are?
To look into the eyes on my protector.. Is the greatest gift by far!

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