What Am I Left With?

August 13, 2011
By identityiskey15 BRONZE, Orange, California
identityiskey15 BRONZE, Orange, California
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Life is music, dance to it

How do I explain?
All the days and nights I have spent wondering
How you are and if you are doing okay
I know you don't care about me anymore but I could care less about that
It may not seem like it but it's over and I'm over you I have moved on
But that doesn't mean that something that was once important to me vanishes instantly
Every time I hear your name it brings back the memories
About what once was and what I wish it could have been
But that's all over now it's history and one day I won't even remember
All the crying and the heartbreak the hope for something better because it's over
At least that's what I tell myself everyday to ease the pain
No one ever escapes the heart ache the heartbreak or the tears of regret until another one comes along
I tell myself that it's nothing and was never more then just a dream of a wannabe reality
Nothing real oh I wish it was that simple but
You know what they said it's always easier said than done
And it will be hard to forget the fake
eal love and regret but I will move
And never again will flinch at the sound of you
Or word that is your name one day it will become for than a wish
But reality hopefully

The author's comments:
...This was written when a guy told me he loved me then broke my heart ad then two months later I was feelings regret for dating and letting him break my heart. But now I look back and could care less.

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on Sep. 16 2011 at 7:14 pm
prettylittlewriter BRONZE, Villa Park, California
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These violent delights have violent ends.

you are a really good freeverse poetry writer! :) never stop

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