All Hell Breaks Loose

July 20, 2011
When there is no more room in Hell,

The dead will walk the earth,

And the hanged will cut the noose loose.

The Devil himself will submit to the masses,

Fall to spewing guts, glory, blood red blood, untold stories.

The matches will melt into the ashes.

As cinders of broken beings grasp the air,

Gnawing away all hope of liberty,

And the conscious mind is driven to the mad droplets that never spill, spill with impunity.

Let the Titans strike with stained sickles all the Gods in their vain glory.

Let the ghastly crypt entomb with murderous winds and trickling vines,

All those that dare defy,

The rule of liars, killers, tricksters, sinners.

As the blade pulses to your throat, let your mind wash away your doubts.

All hell has broken loose.

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