July 14, 2011
By dahl2012 BRONZE, Stillwater, Oklahoma
dahl2012 BRONZE, Stillwater, Oklahoma
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Letting go doesn't always mean forgetting. In fact, letting go means remembering but still choosing to move on. -me.

I think that when you fall in love, you see someone differently. A very imperfect person automatically becomes perfection to you. A hideous person, becomes breathtakingly beautiful in your eyes. When you fall in love with someone, their faults don't seem as important...and their hurtful words don't cut as deep...their mistakes become easier to overlook and you'll find that in time, their life becomes more important than your own. The love you have will be defined as perfect, when you don't have to strive for perfection. Love is when that person hurts your feelings, and you forgive them before they even apologize. Your in love when you're able to separate when you love someone as a lover, and when you love someone as a best friend. I think your in love when you realize there IS a difference between sex and making love. You're in love when you begin noticing the small things that are so easily overlooked.. You're in love when you're willing to let that person go, just to see their smile. You're in love when you're willing to do absolutely anything to get them back.. You're in love when their smile becomes the reason for yours. You're willing to fight until your last breath when you're in love. You're in love when the thought of hurting that person, truly is enough to break your own heart. You're in love when merely their presence is enough to give you butterflies. You're in love when not seeing them for an hour, hurts. You begin to build strength from that person and they build strength as well. You're in love when you make every 'I love you' mean more than the last. You're in love if you remember every kiss, every embrace. You're in love when your able to say "I love you, best friend."

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I fell in love with a boy and I wanted to describe it..

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