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This Will Not Be Aired

Stringy brown bangs stick lightly to your forehead.
Beads of sweat roll down your neck like a gentle
Alabama rain on a tin roof.
It’s one of those nights.
Appetite hasn't been the same and "Miss. P" was supposed to arrive 2 weeks ago.
The toilet is now a Ceramic mirror looking directly into your soul.
The positive sign on the pregnancy is a long gone reminder of
what used to be next to the red "A" back in Physics.
Hot, flushed, stomach in knots as you wonder about the future.
What will Daddy say if he finds out his baby will have her own baby.
You don't know what it’s like to be a "Teen Mom" until its happened to you.
When your friends are asking if you want to keep "it"
and you feel like you're being a burden to the baby's father.
But you know that the grape-sized human that lies within you isn't an "it"
It’s a beautiful healthy angel, God sent down specifically for you and only you.
You know it'll have those pretty brown eyes Paw Paw had, and that dark hair of Daddy's you played with when you were 6.
Remember when he came home from work and picked you up in his muscular arms,
And mom stopped in her tracks just to kiss his rugged face.
If you could turn back time.
But now, it’s your time.
It’s time to balance school and consequences.
It’s time to take everything you learned from Mom and be the best you can.
And "dad", it’s time for you to throw on the suit to find that "9 to 5" to support your family.
This is not an audition. This is not a casting call.
Don’t' "DVR" or record this,
because this will not be aired.
Catch this Monday through Sunday in your local community.
On the channel "Life" 365 days a year. 7 days a week.

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