Please Tell Me...

August 10, 2011
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Please tell me what all of this means!
Its confusion and pain with in my brain.
Wrapping its tentacles around my shines pulling me deeper and deeper into it.
None of it makes sense like when you take time to ponder why you would price something a $1.01.
None of it makes sense.
Why can’t you explain this to me?
Why can’t you tell me why?
The confusion it hurts too much to even wonder!
So why?
Tell me why do I sit her and wonder.
Why do I sit her and cry the tears of oil that leak from the old broken down Chevy in the driveway?
Why do I hurt as if a had been tied by barbed wire and dragged behind a car, its exhaust fumes filling my lungs.
What does it mean?
Why doesn’t it make any sense!
Why can’t you tell me this simple life saving fact?
Why are you the only one that gets to live?

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