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Point of View

Adults always reminisce about the good ole days
And how everything was so much easier
Most will say this without haste
As though your youth was a piece of cake
Arguably that may be true
But you forget that the life of a teenager wasn’t easy too
And the experience is always different
No matter what you do

To teens like us, life will always be difficult
No matter what you say
Even if we don’t have debts or jobs
Or children that occupy our day
We still attain pressure and responsibilities
That we value all the same

We always have the pressure of school
To get as big as an advantage as we can get
For it’s the investment on our future
The years we will never forget
For those years could make or break us
If we don’t do our best

Then there’s always the disease of peer pressure
Knocking at our door
Weakening your immunizes
With every piece of gossip and negativity
That ends up in our ear
Whether the words are about you or someone else
You choose whether to give in to the sickness
Contaminating those with the poison that you bear
That weakens you to whisper the secrets that you know
To other people without a care
Those who think that the definition of friendship
Is to pretend
So that we pour out our feelings
From our heart and soul
But only to be used as fuel
For the gossiping hounds
To escalate drama
To which hate enjoys the sound

But there are times where true friendships prevail
Its light is the sweet treatment for negativity
And forms a protective veil
Made of love and trust
For happiness to sprout despite the ordeal which caused the drought
True friends will stick with you
No matter who you are

Regardless of your age
There will be times easier than others
When happiness is present
And everything is as it should
Nothing is amiss
And nothing could make the moment better
Since life doesn’t give those moments often
Treasure them when you have them
For you don’t know the next time it will happen.

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