let down

August 10, 2011
you were supposed to be the one who was always there
the one that would never forget
the reason we are here
what a let down you would be
a perfect example on how to back down you will be
i understand you will never change
you went through a daze and now your stuck in a phase
there's no reason to be the way you are
ill show you what you've caused by the representation of my scars
to think you would be my dad
all you are is something sad
keep spitting your words of hate
just keep it to yourself for my little sisters sake
your words don't hurt me anymore
keep it coming, more and more and more
sometI'me you will understand
how i came to be the way i am
caused by only you
that i know is true
are you happy with what you've done
i hope you enjoyed your painful fun
i hope you enjoy where you are now
hearing all dark peoples little sounds
for once I'm glad you aren't here
goodnight ill see you in my nightmares

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