I am lost.

August 10, 2011
I am stranded, drowning in an ocean all alone
because I can no longer swim without you by my side
and the memories of us come back to me
flooding my essence once again
and I am lost even more without a soul to lean on.

Everybody is broken sometimes
and no one is complete
but how shattered can I be
when I need you most
and you don’t care anymore
I thought you loved me but you let me go
And I am lost even more without a heart to guide me.

Your eloquent words dismissed me from reality
And I was on a perpetual high
considering I had your love
Forever was an incorruptible way to describe love in four syllables
but I will venture to say it doesn’t matter
because you abolished forever and love for you and I
And I am lost even more without a forever to live by.

Reality is altered
and I do not know what’s certain or not
tears streak my pillow
like a rain-splattered sidewalk
and I escape sleep every nightfall
although I wish I didn’t
I want to be numb from this hurt
And I am lost even more without a truth to show me the way.

I am stranded
I am broken
I am loveless
I am abstract
And I am lost even more without you.

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