Running Little Rabbit

August 10, 2011
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"Common' little rabbit,
There's a far way to go!"
But the fox is coming quick behind,
And you can make it she knows.

Don't disappoint the little girl,
She to young to know of loss.
It will torment her 'til the day she dies,
And after that as well.

"Little rabbit, I'm kinda like you,
I wanna hop away, run from the strange.
What if the fox just wants to play?"
Little girl, oh little girl.

The rabbit is running from a death too near,
If it doesn't run now, it will run no more.
You know nothing of this you see,
Because just for fun, you have run.

As the fox leaps high in the sky,
And lands on his target.
The young girl still doesn't know
That the foxes are to hunger to play.

She finally sees, the rabbit is no more.
Ears gone, Legs gone and
It's beautiful eyes are now just sockets.
The fur is matted with blood.

The little girl runs out of the classroom,
As the little boy turns off the television,
He's presentation done

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