To Drown, To Burn

August 10, 2011
Drowning in the flame of forgiveness
Burning in the waters of redemption
Scarring my knees in prayer
Losing myself in the insanity
Washing my heart with shed tears
I leaned that forgiveness is the key to redemption
Heart-ache is on the path to peace
Drowning in the voices of angels
Burning as the eyes of God see through to my heart
Sending up eternal prayers
As eternal blessings rain down
My eyes upraised as tiny drops of heaven cleanse me
Guilt ridden sins carefully being forgiven
Past demons being ignored
I am not as I once was
I no longer shed tears, but remain fallen
Drowning in the despair of the world
Burning from the scars of my punishment
As an angel I fell
As a being I cried
I finally realize
All angels fall in despair
For we once saw grace
And now we never will again
Can we one day be forgiven?
As we...drown in the tears of realization
While we...burn in the rivers of denial
Lord I...bow down to your all powerful will
And God I...shall one day return
I will no longer drown
I will no longer burn
My smile restored
My wings returned

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