August 10, 2011
By XlovelySerenityX GOLD, Pannama City, Florida
XlovelySerenityX GOLD, Pannama City, Florida
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"Theres nothing to fear but fear itself."

falling isn't supposed to hurt
it isn't supposed to feel like blades digging into your skin
its not supposed to feel like someones tearing out my hair
but with you it did
with you i felt like i was a shadow a ghost
no one could see no one wanted to see
with you i was like that deleted page of a story never meant to see the light of someone else's eyes
but the ones who's wicked mind did it torture to you i was a piece of clay so you could mold me
make me everything you want
i would never be enough
I'm not her
you'll never be happy with me will you?
you look at me and sneer
that look cuts me with and of your hits any of your words
i say her name in my head
it make my cheek throb where you hit me
there's not a mark to be seen
you always know where to hit that marks wont appear.
I'm able to run
you sleep i your bed and i in mine
i can always run from you in my dreams
I'm stuck i know but soon it will be tI'me
soon i can be everything and nothing
everything i want to be
nothing to you forever your hate i will bear
shes dead and i know someday i to will disappear but before that i will make my life meaningful
i will love
a painless love if even then it only hurts me
pain not to be shared
no one will care if i just disappear...
i just want to disappear from your sight

The author's comments:
with you i felt like i was a shadow a ghost
no one could see no one wanted to see

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