Life as a Ladybug

August 10, 2011
By melissa105 SILVER, Granite Falls, Washington
melissa105 SILVER, Granite Falls, Washington
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I awoke as a ladybug,
Feeling very small, confused, and strange
I thought I was under a sedative drug,
But I wasn’t sure what had caused this scary change.

I looked about me at the world around
Noticing the shapes and colors until my head hurt
My thoughts changed as soon as I heard the sound—
of my mother calling me inside for dessert.

I somehow didn’t think she’d approve
Of her daughter being morphed into an insect,
But maybe this was a chance to make my own move,
So I took flight and headed for the sunset.

It took longer than I assumed
To fly ten ‘human’ feet,
But my trip I quickly resumed,
For travelling sounded better than any sugary sweet!

The main roads appeared safe so far,
No problems after an hour of hard flying,
To my misfortune I didn’t notice the approaching car,
SPLAT! …I lay on the windshield dying.

My life as a ladybug was in fact quite brief,
I’m still not sure how it began,
But this I can say and without grief:
I’m glad I’m now human with a longer lifespan!

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