To You, From Your Mirror

August 10, 2011
So I just have to ask
What is your deal?
Because you're always coming to see me
And you act like you like me...
I mean, you smile a lot, and flutter your eyelashes
You pose for me, showing me all your best angles
Sometimes you even blow me a kiss.
But just when it seems like we're really hitting it off...
You glare at me,
And fuss with your hair,
And spend hours frowning,
Before finally storming away in a huff,
Looking ready to cry.
And you never tell me what I'm doing wrong!
So whatever I'm doing that makes you so bipolar,
I'm really, really sorry, okay?
And please, please, please
Stop spending so much time with that other guy.
It's not my fault I'm full length
And don't fit in your purse like him.
Besides, before long, he'll disappear without a word.
Then you'll come back and find me where I always am
Bolted to your door
Waiting for you to return.

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