August 10, 2011
By simplieme SILVER, Chesapeake, Virginia
simplieme SILVER, Chesapeake, Virginia
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Oh the wind,
How it wisps and whirls the world,
calm and relaxed
yet turbulent and tempestuous.
For a small child
on a porch swing,
it brings the trees and leaves to life,
But for a sailor
past the still eye,
it brings the craft and crew to death.
How capricious is the wind,
That carries seeds
And destroys the trees.
What a traitor it is,
bound to nature
yet a master of its own,
wise as an elder,
and rebellious as a child.
It dips and bends the world in its delight
And in its fury
Commanding compassion,
Respect, and adoration.
Oh the wind,
How capricious is the wind,
Frenzied and forlorn,
Stable and sanguine,
Alive and dead,
Broke and resilient,
Sometimes gone but always there,
Unseen yet impacting.

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