Honestly that's what love is....

August 9, 2011
By Mickie1234 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Mickie1234 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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— Miley Cyrus

People say that true love doesn’t exits in real life only in Fairy tales
That’s because they’ve never had there heart truly broken like I have
No one can tell me I don’t know what love is because love is life
It’s a lesson that you are given at a young age so that when you get older you won’t have to guess what you want, you will know.

Love has many definitions. Love is what ever you make it out to be.
In my case love is when every song you listen to reminds you of ‘him’
Every thing you do reminds you of a time that you were with ‘him’
Love is when you can sit in complete silence not touching just sitting there staring at each other and it’s not awkward. It’s when people can make fun of you and you can honestly say it doesn’t bother you because you know that there is one person out there that loves every piece of you. Love is when you don’t care about what others think as long as you’re happy and have a real smile nothing else matters. But most importantly love is what me and you used to have.
Honestly that’s what love is.

To ‘the perfect best est love is when you don’t want to go to sleep because reality is finally better then your dreams. It’s when you always want to be with that person. Love is when you can go through so much with them and they still care about you and think the same of you. To them love is exactly what they have and will keep possibly forever.
Honestly that’s what love is.

Love is what ever you make it out to be with who ever you want it to be with. Love is glamors, spontaneous, beautiful, and never ending. So, get used to it, live with it, and fall for it. You may get your heart broken a lot and you may fall in true love with more then one person but honestly…that’s what love is… <3

The author's comments:
i wrote this poem about love because i was tired of people telling others that there to young for love or they don't know the real meaning of it, when that's not true. Love is what ever you make it to be. i really hope that by reading this people will understand more and realize that anyone can be in love.

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