I'm Just Like Them

August 9, 2011
By Anonymous

What make me different from them
Cause I'm not as big
Or as strong as them
What makes them better than me
Cause I'm a girl
Or i can't play football
What makes them so special
Cause I can't wrestle
Or don't have big muscles like them
Why do you cherish them and not me
I can play football
I can wrestle just like them
I may not be as big as them
But I can act like them
I will fight like them
I grew up as one of them
You know I can do what they do
The difference is I'm a girl
The difference is I can get pregnant
Is that why they're better than me
Is that why you treat them better than me
Just because I'm not a boy doesn't mean anything
I'm a human just like them
I'm you kid just like them
Still you think they're better
Still you think I'm not as good
We will see who goes where in life
You'll see you were wrong to think I wasn't good enough
I wasn't strong enough
I'm braver than you think
I'm stronger than you think
I'm better than you think

The author's comments:
My dad has four kids all boys, but one. I just happen to be the girl he never wanted.

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