August 9, 2011
By Colie Runfola BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
Colie Runfola BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
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Cold crisp air filling a dark insufferable room
This room being more of a prison or coffin in whatever
Perspective you wanna take it
The doors keeping all hope out as well as anything ever
Positive from entering these four words
The shades pulled down for no light will enter or be welcomed in
All who enter see this dark, suffering and hopeless
Place, yet it is home to so many at some time
A place of solidarity and hopelessness
But a place comforted by the cold walls that close them it
Once you have visited this place leaving requires great strength
It is a frightfully lonely place
But for those who enter loneliness is already a part of who they are
The time is dull and passes rather slow
Sleep is an endless hobby for many
The endless dreams of what may never come brings
More defeat into this world
A world that welcomes all those like them; who sees the
Outside as a hurtful place
Dreams that may never come true and love that falls apart
Many here seek refuge from the pain, wanting time to
Pass hastily so that their Maker will soon be met
The Maker, that hopefully, will be the only sign of
Hope and happiness they will ever experience
The Maker, who enters this dark and lowly place
Slipping in through the shadows of this despair
Some say this world is not for them and I pray it may never be
For all who enter this place are d***ed to never feel all
That is good outside or have the desire to
Some pull themselves out of this place but many die
Within these walls fearful, hurting, and lonely
Again, I pray that you never see this world which I
Am a regular visitor in
Yet, I want you to somehow rescue me
Reach into this hell hole and drag me out, before I evaporate into nothing
I want to be free of this desolate place but it’s so hard without your arms around me
I want you to be the one to be there to wipe away the tears
You’re the only one that can save me from my he**ish demise, within these four cold walls of fear and
Help me breathe the sweet, fresh air again my love

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