Falling For Perfection

August 9, 2011
By ScarlettKay BRONZE, Gainesville, Florida
ScarlettKay BRONZE, Gainesville, Florida
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You gasp for breath, as if you’re being held under water
You struggle to break through the surface, screaming for help, but no one hears
Light fades until you’re left in the dark
You can’t touch, you can’t feel, you can’t move
You’re falling, desperately trying to climb
It’s no use, you’re too far down, too far gone
Your breath leaves and you feel completely empty, as if you’ll never be full again
And you won’t be full again
An old, unwelcome friend puts her hand out to you
You grab on for dear life, which is the opposite of what she’ll do to you
She whispers in your ear, telling you what to do, what to eat
You cover your ears, not wanting to hear it, but she screams louder and louder until, finally, with tears you consent
You struggle to carry your tiny, tired body up, struggle to get rid of the bad things inside of you
Her voice cheers you on, telling how closer to perfection you are
You can’t remember how you got this way
You can’t remember the person you used to be
You wonder when she’ll be quiet again, if she’ll ever be quiet again
The pain and misery go on, seeming like forever
You stop thinking about what you’re doing
You just go through the motions because you’re too tired to realize what’s happening
Then comes the day her voice is finally quiet
The day the pain and misery stop
The day everything ends and
You can finally stop
Your pain is over
Everything is all right now
It’s over

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