I See You

August 11, 2011
I see you
Even in the dark of night
Your soul is the light that shines the way
I see into your past
Disturbed and thrown away
Scattered across your mind
Now a distant memory
I see through your eyes
A new world unfolds around me
The sun is no longer just a light
But a hero that has come to save me
I see you
A beautiful spirit
Walking on unclean earth
You don't belong here
You don't deserve such a terrible place to live in
I see you as an angel
That belongs away in heaven
Your wings are invisible
But I still can see you flying
Soaring high above
And when I look at you
It's hard to belive you are human
That your heart beats to the same rythmn as mines
That your mind understands the same concept as I
That your eyes see the world exactly as my eyne
That you also have flaws but continue to shine
I see you as perfect
I see you as immortal
I see you.

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