Rabbit Hole

August 6, 2011
Alice fell down
down down down
into the dark rabbit hole
in which she found
and all her skeletons
fears hopes and dreams
all her lies and schemes
vanity pride and selfishness
all in her rabbit hole.
it was large
and dark
and no one but she could she
her own reflection in the castle mirror
of the queen of hearts
the queen of her heart
darkness in the rabbit hole
darkness in her heart.
Alice wandered through the halls and the forest and wondered who created this all
not realizing yet it was she who created the horrors of this world.
and when Alice climbed out of the rabbit hole, and saw through the looking glass.
she realized something.
that everything she had seen was her.
her fault. and her secret.
secret to keep
or share
whisper in someones ear, quietly,
a pale rendition of the most daring dare.
you're Alice. I'm Alice. shes Alice. they're Alice. the only question remaining is how deep and dark is your rabbit hole? and can you share the depth of your darkness and the truth in your smile? because the queen of hearts is you too. only she wont give up her secrets. can you?

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