I Did It For Attention

August 6, 2011
By Anonymous

I don’t like to admit it,
But I have no real issues,
And I don’t hide addiction.

I get down some days,
Never really troubled,
And no one thinks it matters.

It hurts me bad,
I just want to make you care,
And maybe be a friend.

It makes me sad,
I wish you could see me now,
And tell me I’m okay.

I’m really fine; okay; perfect,
I just don’t always feel it,
And sometimes I’d like to hear it.

So I used scissors to make a sign,
A personal add for me,
And a need for attention.

I showed only one,
Who didn’t understand,
And didn’t say I was okay.

I did it for the attention,
But got the wrong kind,
And I’ll still lose my mind.

If you understand,
If you are okay like me,
And you did it for attention…

Listen close to me.
You’ll be just fine,
And you’re not alone.
I did it for attention too.

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