Isn't it Funny?

August 6, 2011
By Anonymous

Isn’t it funny,
How they all care?
It’s too late,
You’re too far gone.
They all remember you,
They want to help.

How things have changed,
Since your death.
You felt alone,
I wasn’t enough.
You needed love,
No one gave enough.

They didn’t notice,
At least they didn’t care.
They brushed past,
Never a look back.
They didn’t care then,
Not when it mattered.

They were you’re “friends”
But they didn’t know,
“No one did”.
Except me.
I knew,
I cared.
Before all this,
I was there.

Things have changed,
Since you left.
They all care,
They all want to help.
Now that you’re not here.

They care now,
After your death,
Everyone cares now.

I can’t care anymore,
I did before,
It wasn’t enough.

Now that you’re not,
They don’t care,
That I’m still here.

They’ll all care soon.
For me, not you.
Isn’t it funny?
They always care,
Too late.

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