My Sincere Apology

August 6, 2011
By , Walpole, MA
I’m sorry I don’t love you.
I’m sorry I can’t care.

Never treated right,
Forgotten and left alone,
All you want is attention,
But you don’t know how to ask.

The last place was haunted,
You didn’t forget, Just survived,
This place was meant to be better,
But I’m no help.

I’ll apologize,
Vow to try harder,
But it’ll never be fair to you.

Another was here first,
In the same space,
Forever in my heart.
I cared too much,
Still do.
You’re not the same,
But you deserve love too.

I’m sorry.
I don’t love you,
I can’t care.
I’d like to,
But it hurts.

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