August 6, 2011
By Anonymous

We stand together,
Back on the past,
Facing the future.

Terrified on the inside,
Needing one another,
Together; We do what we cannot alone.

All this time,
I’ve been blind,
Have you known?

Bracing ourselves for the unknown,
We fear the world,
I forgot they can see us.

I don’t doubt your sincerity,
Nor do I look to place blame.
Despite the world,
I love you all the same.

Upon our stage,
We were judged,
The world chose you,
You; Before me.

I’ll follow you always,
First then second,
We’ll still stand strong,
Dependant on each other.

No longer equals,
You were better,
justt didn’t know.

The world opened our eyes,
But I understand,
It couldn’t be any other way.

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