Me, After Us

August 5, 2011
By , Walpole, MA
Feelings for you?
I never really had them to begin with,
You think I care?
I never did...
Maybe I did.
I never knew how I felt about you,
If I hadn’t cared,
Why would I now?
It’s past; Months. Weeks. Days.
Of course I don’t care.
You don’t care either.
Why didn’t we end that talk then,
Why did the night drag on?
As I think of you,
I see your stupid face,
That one you make,
Before you talk to me,
The way only you have.
I hated that face,
It’s in the past.
But our conversation keeps running,
I hear it over and over again.
Won’t you let me be?
I’m done,
I’m through,
I’m over you.
So why do your words sting?
I’m wondering how you are,
I want to talk to you again.
I don’t know how I felt,
But I felt more than you.
You told me,
Everything I already knew.
I don’t care about you,
Won’t you not care about me?
Leave me.
Hug me,
The only one who did,
Hurt me,
The one I didn’t think would.
I’m left with memories,
Conversations unsaid.
Take them too,
Break them as you did me.
Then leave me as I was,
You’re not here; already gone,
You left me as you found me,
But I’m not the same.

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