You Told Me to Soar

August 5, 2011
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I’m sitting here in the empty darkness of my room trying not to cry
Cause’ see… lemme tell you why.
Cause’ every morning as I wake up I wish you were here
But you’re across the country and at times,
You don’t care.
Cause’ see you tell me to my face you love and adorable me,
But boy… that’s not what I hear behind my back.
I wish you could just say these things to my face
Cause’ I’m trying so hard to not go back to that place
But all year I’ve been trippin’ and hoping I wouldn’t
Slip back into starving myself and depression.
I started out fresh
New school
New faces
Cause’ nobody from my past wanted to raise their glass.
Cause’ how I acted.
Well I don’t blame them.
I alienated them all
For the sake of my past.
Cause’ my whole life I’ve been trippin’
Trying to run from my past.
This year I finally faced it,
And everyone who said they’d be there till the end
Just up and gone.
Except you.
You promised it’d be okay, and that maybe my life was worth living.
You told me I had a song that was worth singing.
But now I’m not so sure.
Cause you told me to fly and left me without wings.
You’re so far away.
I have so much flying to do.
Oh, how I wish I could fly.
Just spread my wings and soar above the sky…
But I don’t know how.
You told me to fly. You told me to soar.
But brother,
I don’t know how to try anymore…

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