The Truth

August 6, 2011
By , Walpole, MA
Well, there it is,
Floating heavy in the air,
As it weighs upon all of us,
Same as moisture,
It changes our environment.

Our eyes refuse to meet,
Repelled as much as opposite poles are,
The awkwardness acts as wildfire,
Uncontrollable spread.

The elephant walked into the room,
And it’s here to stay,
We can’t make it go back,
Not even sure if I want to.

To say it’s easy to accept is a lie,
But we can’t run from it,
You’re trying so hard to not hear,
You aren’t deaf, please don’t act.

Life is funny this way,
Always changing,
Never changing back,
Once these words are said,
The story book ends.

I’ve gone and done it,
It’s a moment in the past now,
We’re forever changed,
And there it is.

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