August 6, 2011
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I pull
I push
I prod
I poke
I do everything I can to fix it
But no matter what I do
It remains
It might change
It might vary in size
But it never goes away
It always remains
The girls at school notice it
It’s obvious by the way they look at me
Or don’t look at me, I guess
I’ve tried cleansing it
Covering it
Even distracting from it
But it continues to taunt me
The only way to defeat it
Is to stay invisible
That way people won’t notice it
That way they can’t mock it
Or me
It haunts me
It follows me
It is unbearable
It keeps me from friends
Because who wants to be my friend when I have it?
It is ugliness
And it won’t leave me

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SweetLove3 said...
Aug. 13, 2011 at 6:57 pm
This is good. I think it's awesome that u wrote about it because it is really true. I don't think that anyone should feel like this about themselves. So I just wish people wouldn't be so judgemental!
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