August 6, 2011
I’m tired
I’m tired of not knowing
Tired as he** of waiting
All for you to decide
To decide whether you love me
Or never want to see
Everything you’re missing
The deepest part of me

If you were to join me
There are things you’d have to learn
Never to read the writings
That weren’t designed to disturb
They are my emotions
Begging to be set free
So I write them and release them
The secret parts of me

But if you were disinclined
To grant my simple request
I’d be crushed, but expecting it
But hoping for the best
The bulls*** that you put me through
Has strengthened me and taught
Taught me how sift through lies
To see through all… for naught
If I were to tell you now
To tell you how I feel
You’d run away
Far from here
Abandoning me again

So take my hand
When convenience says
You may go along for the ride
But meanwhile, the Monster rages
Inside me as I cry
As I Cry

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Skye_Grace said...
Mar. 7, 2012 at 8:47 pm
This was the first poem I'd posted on here, and looking back, it was just a childish venting session... I'm sorry...
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