Poem #29

August 9, 2011
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That night,
All the hurt, the anger,
Frustration and sadness
Came rushing up,
Tears fell from my eyes
And onto the pillow.
I couldn't help it,
Nor could I stop it.
I remembered the day,
And everything else that went wrong,
I remembered the past,
And all the mistakes i made.
I cried for the first time
In months,
Almost a year had passed
Since I shed a tear for myself.
With the first tear staining my pillow,
A waterfall began,
I couldn't control it.
Everything wrong I had ever done,
All those I had hurt somehow,
Or those who had hurt me,
Shot to the front of my mind,
And I couldn't stop it,
It all happened on it's own accord.
So that night,
I cried
Because all the hurt, the anger,
The sadness and frustration
Came rushing up,
All from a single tear.....

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Peaceandloveforever said...
Aug. 13, 2011 at 4:48 pm
I like this alot, im sorry for all that has happened to u, but i know exactly how u feel in this, idk if its the same for u but i hate to cry but when i do its for everything thats happened, well keep writing :)
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