Maple Tree

August 8, 2011
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Spring, every year
Revival, rebirth.
A station, a stop
For birds of every species.
Chirp, chip they chime
Raising the day’s spirits
Then comes bright summer’s day
Leaves sunbathing
And soaking in the sun’s rays
Light breeze kicks in
Just like an air conditioner.

But the day gets shorter
And it cries solemn tears
Of red, orange, and yellow
Like a painting
Of vibrant colors.
Cry, cry, until none is left
Shed its warmth
And dresses in snow white
And sleeps for the winter.
Life is harsh
The sky shows no mercy
The frost unbearable.
It can only sleep.

Arise from months of sleet
The sun shedding its warmth
Once again.
It smiles at the kids
Who reunite with him
They climb and tickle
Its lovely skin.
Mother calls for dinner
And it happily watches
The children recede
And awaits a new day.

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